June Bridals short length wedding garments with lace

How about some input on High School fashions over the years. (I was a social non-entity at Lincoln, but there still were customs to be observed. With the girls, penny loafers or white shoes & sox were used. Girls for fall and winter wear had to have at least a couple of Rosenblum suits, but the boys waited eagerly for April when the girls switched to cotton spring dresses. (Always windy on 24th Ave.) Boys wore loafers and Levis so dirty they would stand in a corner without support. Those who could afford a dark brown goat-skin leather jacket, or even better, had relatives who had been in war service and passed down theirs with unit logos on the back, were fortunate indeed. You were also required to have a cashmere wool coat sweater with buttons, (The buttons were never used except that the bottom one was looped from the hole to the button with a rubber band. Pendleton long sleeved wool shirts were very popular too. (late 1940's) June Bridals short length wedding garments with lace
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