June Bridals wedding apparels specially for women over 40

What good is an old wedding dress sitting in your closet? This organization takes donated wedding dresses and creates many small outfits for infants who passed. They donate them to hospitals and all over. Such an amazing and beautiful thing we don't even think abount. In awe.
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Wow! I already knew the work they do for free is amazing, but to see this is even more. My aunt got a divorce and no longer wanted her preserved dress around. Not only were they able to unpreserve it, but create something beautiful for infants who passed. I never expected to see the finished product, but these are absolutely perfect. Sometimes divorce can lead to beauty. So sorry for the babies who are burried in these, but im sure it brings something special to their parents. Thank you, West Coast Angel Gowns June Bridals wedding apparels specially for women over 40

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Alissa Garcia contributed her wedding dress and these tiny treasures are the result of her generosity. Seamstress:Robin