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Must Read : Make Me Your Wife …
Season 1 Episode 8
It was a beautiful monday morning, i woke up on impose at exactly 6am and did some cleaning, then got my beautiful self into the bathroom where i spent almost an hour bathing and singing all the songs i knew. I rushed out of the bathroom soapy when my phone rang.
“Hello, Ronke how far na? Have you taken your bath?” i asked wiping my soapy face with my hand.
“We are big girls na, why must you address me as Ronke? Or do you have mosquito bites calling me Deborah?” Deborah asked me.
“See me see wahala o, is that not your name again?” i asked
“This friendship and that name, which is more important?” she asked.
“This, friendship ofcourse. Ehen Deb, have you taken your bath?” i asked.
“Since na, am even on my way to the office with big bro now sef” she replied me.
“What?” i asked instantly. “Never mind, see you later. Cut the call now” i shouted.
I flung the phone on the bed, and hastily wiped my body.
“Where are my undies?” i questioned myself. “Where is my make up kits? Where is everything?” i screamed. “Now, am beginning to freak out. Damn it, settle down, calm down pretty, calm down” i told myself.
Few minutes later i dressed and composed myself. I couldn’t help but admire myself on my black p@nt trouser with a yellow silk sleeve shirt, a black bag with black heels to go with it. I said to myself “Omo you no bad at all” as i got myself a cab.
“Naiye’s company limited, here i come” i whispered as i got into the company’s premises.
“Good day ma, welcome to NCL” the gateman greeted me with a smile.
“Thank you, have a pleasant day ahead” i murmured. And started walking towards the company
“I have to move fast, you are fifteen minutes late on your first day. The traffic today was just too bad, not my fault” i thought. Just as i was trying to enter the office i bumped into Nicholas and a girl.
“Oh peach. Are you blind? Don’t you watch your front? You almost broke my wrist” i retorted.
“My, my, heavens! Look who we have here” Nicholas pulled me close and hugged me tightly. “It’s almost a decade since we last saw. Look at you, you’ve grown so beautiful Glory” Nicholas said happily.
“Excuse me?? Nicholas who is this thing?” The petite lady beside Nicholas asked.
“I beg your pardon? Lady, do i know you before? If not that am in a happy mood today i would have taught you manners. Please Nicholas, warn your woman, i came here to work and not be insulted” i said and adjusted my bag.
“Glory, she is not my woman, she is a staff here and nothing else” Nicholas said.
“A staff, you said am a staff? Is that all i am to you?” The lady asked Nicholas.
“Please excuse me” i said and walked into the building but was stopped by the petite lady who landed a dirty slap on my face.
“What?? How dare you? Are you mad?” i asked with one hand gently placed on my already swollen cheek.
“Yes, it is your mother, your sisters, your grandmothers and decayed grandmothers that is mad. Look here, what i did is just a welcome party, the next time you open this pit you call a mouth and talk to my fiance i would make sure you spend thirty days in kirikiri prison” The petite lady said confidently. At this, Nicholas who saw all that happened ran up to me and tried apologising but i pushed him aside, wiping the tears from my face. JuneBridals full figure mother of the bride gown with jackets
“What? Dad did you see that? Who is that girl?” Deborah asked her dad who was also in the reception room when it happened.
“That is Believe Ekem, pastor’s Ekem’s daughter. She is Nicholas’s assistance. But why, i mean what happened?” mr Omonaiye questioned.
“Pastor’s daughter? That girl is a demon and am not going to stay here and let her hurt my friend daddy.” Deborah said and walked towards me.
“Believe, have you lost your senses? What has come over you? I have told you i would never have anything to do with you, ever. Get that into your big head” Nicholas said and turned towards me. “Gloria, am so sorry. I don’t have anything to do with her” he pleased.
“Yes, my brother would never have anything to do with a possessed witch, she needs deliverance” Deborah said.
“What? How dare you?” Believe asked instantly.
“Quiet!!!. The four of you to my office now!” Mr Omonaiye snarled.
Six minutes later, the CEO of NAIYE’S COMPANY LIMITED walked inside a well furnished office, and sat inside giving us a stern look.
“Yes, what was that you all just displayed outside? Miss Ekem what brought about your slapping our new employee?” mr Omonaiye asked.
“Sir, this lady is so rude and such a lady is surely going to bring doom on this company. Can you imagine she bumped into us and couldn’t even apologised, she then flirted with the manager, throwing her body at him and telling me i stinked” Believe said.
“Sir, that’s a lie. Not everything she said is true” i said.
“Dad, miss Believe here is the rude one. I mean, what she did was uncalled for and it proves she’s is incompetent for this job” Nicholas added.
“Miss Ekem Believe, do you think you are incompetent for your post as an assistant manager?” mr Omonaiye asked with an eyebrow raised.
“Am sorry, sir. I lost my calm. I promise it would never happen again sir” Believe apologised,
“Okay then, the next time this happens again someone’s appointment letter would be terminate. Miss Ekem, tell the others there would be a board meeting by 11am” Mr Omonaiye said.
“Dad, haven’t you forgotten something? We are new here” Deborah said.
“Old age, am so sorry dear. Let me call my secretary to show you to your office.” Mr Omonaiye said.
“There’s no need for that dad. I would show it to them Ladies, this way” Nicholas said.
Nicholas tried to make up for what happened but i avoided him as much as i could because on two ocassion, Believe has threatened me in the bathroom.