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Please Do Not Take This The Wrong Way.
I am Not A Racist & I Love My Country... Most of my closest friends are from a race or religion other then mine..
But The Way Some Of Us Are Being Treated Makes One Wonder If Our Country Is Going To Shit.

I am not a Hindu, but I feel for some of my fellow Singaporeans who are.. This is NOT the first time where 'authorities' have stepped in to upset a Thaipusam procession.
In recent years, we have seen videos of how 'Gung-Ho' ppl in uniform are, stepping in, throwing the law book at many Hindu devotees and utterly destroying the moods of some Hindus who are in the midst of their religious processions.
RELIGIOUS. I was utterly saddened.
I imagined myself in their shoes, and I am disgusted...
Hindus do this once a fuckin year..
You have 0 tolerance for the minorities in your country to practice their religious festivals once or twice a year???

I myself have been at some joyous Muslim Weddings where cops would come in and tell everyone to stop dancing or singing and they even resort to saying that if music / voices are not stopped or toned down significantly, equipments will be confiscated and worse case scenario, ppl (meaning the minority race) in the event will be arrested, even as early as 8pm! JuneBridals long wedding guest dresses

My question is, why the double standards??
You know what I'm talking about.

The Getais happen all throughout the year (I think) with loud music well into the night, with gambling and auctioning of booze. Scantily dressed women and men dance the night away.

Some funeral processions block a whole road lane for kilometres at a time.

Our fire brigade is on high alert each time there are incense burning happening all over Singapore..

Loud drummings and singing for lion dance are also seen and heard throughout the country on numerous occasions, sometimes also in the night. There are even drumming happening when lion dance troupes are in their vehicles travelling from one red packet to another..

It is good that YOU dont seem to have a problem with all of these. Trust me, even MOST of us DONT have a problem with our friends doing their thing from time to time. Really. Seriously. Most of us dont. All these beautiful colours and noise are what makes our country sooo darn great in the first place!! Or have u forgotten this??

COVER LINE SIKITLAH OI!! (Pls be more tactful)

What most of us wanna know is..
Who decides which party / event / procession to fark with?
Who decides to allow Chinamen to sell sex toys and illegal medication / drugs on the sidewalk and roadside junctions on a daily basis?
Who decides to raid the homes of old and financially poor Makchik's and confiscating their Hari Raya kueys (cakes & tarts) and giving them hefty fines?
Who decides which old / poor beggar to chase away or arrest?
Who decides which talent is allowed to play musical instruments at MRT stations?
Who decides which HDB homes can keep Dobermans, Rod Weilers, German Shepards while some cant keep kitty cats..
Who decides who gets a pass and who gets the book>>>
........etc etc

Who da fark decides all these and sends out instructions to the men in Blue to step in??
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

# Please make my country GREAT again.. #

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