a line prom dress

Another great event over and done with, we hope you all enjoyed it. We'd like to give a shout out to the guys who showed up to help set up, you're the reason we actually had time to sleep :)
The turn out was good, including a whole bunch of people from LAN-slide in Melbourne. Thanks for making the trip down guys :)
The event ran pretty smoothly except for some internet hiccups. I doubt it really interfered with everyone's gaming though cause Kasheem was all over it like a gamer on a Steam sale, with some appreciated assistance from Tommyboy. We had Pat from Harvey Norman bring in some mixed reality gear and the VR game Star Wars Jedi Challenges. Naturally some of our attendees took advantage of the chance to lightsabre some battledroids. We even got a dance demonstration from some of the LAN-Slide crew. Apparently they like to move it move it. We also had the mini LAN Mexicans in attendance, following in the footsteps of their father....or does that make them the Sons of LAN Mexican.... a line prom dress

The novelty competitions were as popular as ever, cause who doesn't like belting tennis balls at the admins. I'm not sure our
new admin Johnny Bravo quite realised what he was volunteering for, but luckily it turns out gamers aren't the best at racket sports. The second novelty comp was a new spin on an old favourite, 2v2 basketball against LANOTD admins Kasheem and SomeBreedOfDonkey. This time however they started out only playing defence........in enormous inflatable T-Rex suits. It turns out those things are really hard to shoot over. Congratulations to Tommyboy for winning the basketball shootout and scoring the Siberia 200 headset thanks to SteelSeries. Congrats also to our tennis champ who walked away with a Razer Deathadder mouse thanks to Harvey Norman.

The ASUS Rocket League tournament dragged out longer than expected with the double elimination format. It looks like
everyone had a ball all the same, even if one of the team names had people a little concerned. After the smoke cleared Scrub Squad walked away with the win. They received Cerberus Mech RGB keyboards and Cerberus V2 mice thanks to ASUS Republic of Gamers.
Entries were high for the SteelSeries Overwatch tournament and competition was fierce. After a few close matches and plenty of excitement, Crevola Gaming came out on top. They got Arctis 5 headsets, an Apex 750 keyboard, and a limited edition PUBG mousemat from Steelseries.
The PLE Computers Call of Duty 2 tournament was a great blast from the past , and was so popular entrants had to be
divided into two groups. After 15 mins of gunblazing mayhem we took the top players from each group, and we made them
do it all over again ;) At the end of it all Intangible emerged victorious and took home the BattleBull gaming chair from PLE Computers.
Later in the night, or I should say early in the morning, it was time for some Warcraft in space. We divided entrants for the
Starcraft tournament into three free-for-all matches where competitors hacked and blasted each other in glorious nostalgia. The key is, if you know you're going to lose, run your remaining guys in 5 random directions and keep dumping buildings around the map. Your opponent will love it ;) The final was an exciting match between two zerg players and a lone protoss player. It was a close battle until one of the players forgot that you need workers or you go broke lol. Congrats to Brutus for finally stomping his enemies into dust with the might of the swarm. He received a Cerberus V2 headset and a Cerberus Mech RGB keyboard from Republic of Gamers.

Thanks to our generous sponsors we had a heap of great prizes to give away in the raffle, which attracted a huge amount of interest. We were practically tearing raffle books until our fingers bled. Prizes included a Primera case from Silverstone , a BattleBull gaming chair and some $100 vouchers from PLE Computers, a limited edition PUBG mouse mat from Steelseries, a Logitech G633 Artemis headset from Phoenix IT , a Razer ManO'War headset and Deathadder mouse from Harvey Norman, some vouchers for the Warrnambool Fun Centre, a Cerberus V2 headset and Mech RBG keyboard from Asus, some Star Wars chubbies and an R2-D2 money box from Real Deal Memorabilia.....and of course some KFC potato & gravy. There were definately some very happy LANers heading home after the event ;)

Thanks also to Aussie Broadband for supplying one of the internet connections for the event, and to Pinky's Pizza for
providing discounted pizza to keep us going for all those hours.