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More than 120 illnesses have been detected which can be prevented or eliminated with a good dose of Vitamin-C,also called ascorbic acid.

Vitamin-C is not produced by the body and for that reason,it is necessary to take it daily,either by food or beverages that contain it,or through nutritional supplements.

The Recommend Daily Allowance is at least 60mg.


It is important to know that cigarette,smogs and other environmental ills destroy the amount of this vitamin in your body.

For example, one cigarette destroys up to 25mg.That is to say,almost half the recommend daily allowance.

Why does Vitamin-C have such strong healing properties?

Our white blood cells,which defend the body against all types of hostile elements like bacteria,need a large amount of Vitamin-C to function.

If the defense system of the body of the body is not in good condition, it will not be able to eliminate the principal enemies of the body,and illnesses and infections will result in that person. apparels dressed in formal occasion for maternity ladies

There has be evidence to prove that Vitamin-C kills bacteria in the urinary tract,and has proven effective to fight illnesses of the respiratory system like Asthma, Bronchitis and Chest Colds.

Vitamin-C also helps with dryness of the mucous membrane in the lungs.

There is evidence that a Vitamin-C deficiency increases lung cancer.

It has been discovered that a good dose of Vitamin-C lowers the cholesterol in the blood.

Vitamin-C is fundamental in the formation of the body Collagen

Vitamin-C is a great antidote for neutralizing free radicals, the principal cause of aging.+2347032466418

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