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Aromatic Rings

Pretty much every smell you have ever smelled contains a Benzene Ring, most Flower Smells and other various Fruity Smells and other smells all have Benzene Rings. Benzene is not the only Aromatic Compound, but it is the primary Aromatic Compound. Damascone, the primary substance in Roses, which is actually pretty Regulated within the Perfume Industry (you can only make mixtures that are like 1% Damascone or less), and can be used in Place of Acetone in Chemical Synthesis Reactions to create Alternative Molecules. Another example, similar to Damascone, is Ionone, which is the smell in Violets.

Two other types of Aromatic Rings are Indole and Pyrole. A Benzene Ring has 6 sides, a Pyrole Ring has 5 sides, and an Indole Ring is like a Benzene Ring with a Pyrole on the side. Indoles are the structure in the smell of various things, including flowers, but an example that everyone knows is poop as Skatole is an Indole. DMT is also an Indole.

Here are some examples of Benzene Rings (some with added structures) that are common in plants:

Many of these plant compounds fall in the catergory of Terpenes or Terpenoids. Many, but not all, Terpenes contain Benzene Rings. An example of a Terpene that has no Benzene Ring would be Myrcene. Myrcene can be found in various plants, including Hops and Marijuana. Terpenes and other compounds can be retrieved from plants through Fractal Distillation. This means that a solution is made of the plant Material, then the solution is set to boil, but you do not reach the Boiling Point of all the materials in the Solution. This way you can meet only the Melting Point of the other materials and collect an isolated Molecule through Distillation of the Boiling Molecules. casual informal wears for mother of the bride

Phenethylamines are most commonly found in Nature in their Alcohol forms, which are known as Phenols. These make up many of the Flower Smells that we know, and apart from Damascone the Phenols are some of the most important factors in the smell of a Rose. Synephrine is closely related to Adrenaline and contains a Phenethylamine Skeleton, and is like the Adrenaline of the Insect World.

Gramine and Indole-3-Ethanol (Tryptophol) are converted to DMT in some plant species. The Primary Metabolite of Tryptamine and DMT in Nature is the corresponding Indolic Acid (Tryptophol), which is a plant growth hormone.