cocktail items for extra sized people

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a great Mardi Gras!

Good luck to everyone performing this weekend at Abita Quail Farm...

Info for that, as well as Festival of Choirs and the Rock N Roll concert was sent out by email the other day - here is it again for anyone who didn't see it: cocktail items for extra sized people
Dear NPAS Members,
Happy belated Mardi Gras and Happy Valentine's Day!

1. Dress Rehearsal for Date Night Program - FRIDAY, Feb. 16 6-8 pm at FIRST UMC.

2. Please put your music in program order (attachment below.)

3. Here is the breakdown of rehearsal time for Friday, Feb. 16.

Friday, Feb. 16
5:50-5:55 Carol Earnest and Jerry Smolinski
5:55-6:00 Carol Earnest
6:00 Sandy and Gerard rehearse duet
6:05-6:10 Suzan and Gerard Boston with guitar
6:10-6:15 Prats, Helm and Martin
6:15-6:50 Run through with chorus
BREAK - Autumn Beck during break
7 soloists
7-7:05 Alyssa Carranza
7:05-7:10 Theresa Carollo and David Guillot
7:10-7:15 Karen and Davy Williams
7:15-7:20 Michelle Guillot
7:20-7:25 Tim Ellzey
7:25-7:30 Kim Hovey and Bob Davis
7:30-7:35 Ken Thompson
7:35-7:40 Jennifer Garner and Eric Whitten
7:45-7:50 Tom Fitzmorris
7:50-7:55 Polchows

4. Saturday, Feb. 17 Call for Chorus singers is 7:40 PM
Call for Soloists is 6:15 pm

5. Concert attire:
Women - cocktail dress or NPAS dress
Men - Pants, shirt and tie. You may wear a jacket if you'd like

6. Lastly, we will NOT rehearse on Monday, Feb. 19. Rehearsals for Rock 'n' Roll and Festival of Choirs music begins on Monday, Feb. 26.

See you Friday!