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The original purpose of "public" schools was NOT "education".

But, rather it was to "create good and useful citizens".
That's WHY taxpayers and "the public" were expected to support them.
It was in THEIR best mutual interest and protection.

One-room "Public" schools ended at about 6th grade.

Beyond the "'basics" - readin', writin' and 'rithmetic" - FURTHER "education" was left up to private schools and academies that EDUCATED a student in "Literature, History, Philosophy, Art and Science."
There were scholarships and endowments to many "private universities" for interested and promising students if they couldn't afford to go.

But, "public" schools focused mostly on TEACHING "citizenship", manners and even the Bible" whose simple commandments were considered basic necessities of a "civil society" where ALL people could get along in relative peace and harmony.
Don't lie, Don't Murder. Don't Cheat. Don't Steal ..... and so on.

Children were taught to share the SAME "values" - regardless of race, location, gender, national origin or, inherited language and "culture".

"E Pluribus Unum".
Public schools are HOW "many became one" in America.

Today's disaster began after WW2 when "Liberals" took over public schools.
Public "edumacation" was considerably "expanded" - at great public expense - to include high school and college for THEIR public jobs and profit.

"Teachers" were encouraged to become "Educators" and promote Liberal-Democrat OPINIONS and philosophies like Socialism - rather than teaching and serving as examples of BEHAVIORS proven to be vital for co-existence in a free society. :-< graduation dresses for college