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# LovePhobia
Episode 30;
As much as I'd love to do this, I can't. I'm not ready for it. I thought to myself. "Mick? I'm sorry but I can't grant this request of yours" "Oh no? U dnt need to be sorry. I guess u aint ready. Wen u re, then I am. No problem" "Okay. Let's get out of here I need to take my bath". We stepped out of d room nfld he bolted d door. I got to my room, had s warm shower, changed into an oversized sweater nd black legging with a tiny strapped sandal. I went to Sandra's room but she's still asleep. "Oh, I should hve followed them..!!" I screamed in my head. "But wait, what if Mick finds out that I was a virgin, what is he gonna do? Its not as if I'm not ready for it. Its just that I'm scared for I heard its kinda painful for first timers. Gosh! I'd see what I can do" I said nd switched on the tv. After watching for almost an hour, I head d honk of a car nd d shrieking of d gate. I peeped from d window nd saw my mates coming into d room looking all exhausted. "Awwn Lims, you look worn out. Guess we aren't gonna talk before going to bed" "I'm sorry dear. I'm just too tired. Good night" "okay, but you owe me gist" "trust me" she sid nd stroll away. "Too bad u couldn't come with us" justin said. "Oh? Yea sure" "but dnt worry. We've got mny places to attend later. Goodnight!" he said nd waved while I smiled scratching my head. 'Ah..! Time to go upstairs!' I said nd head to my room but met Mick's door opened. "Hmm? Is he in here?" I asked no one in particular nd stepped into fd room closing d door behind. I heard droplets of water from d shower nd knew he was bathing nd i turned to leave immediately. "Aren't u here to see me?"He said nd I turned back to see him with a towel around his waist nd another hung on his neck. "Yea, I am. But seems you're bathing. We'll talk better tomorrow" "No, I'd put on my cloth nd join u. Wait for me". God! Why on earth should u bless him with such muscular body. Seeing drops of water on him makes me swallow hard. Gosh! Jamal, get ur head straight. I cautioned myself nd he returned joining me on d bed. "So, here I am" "Uhmm, I wanna ask u. Av u ever had sex before?" "Yea nd my first was Jasmine even though I was not her first" "Hmm, what does it seem like to be ready for sex?" "Hmm, to me I think when the two party are emotionally ready then, they're gud to go. Why asking all these or perhaps, u re a virgin?" "Oh no! Why would u say such?" I lied avoiding his gaze. "Okay then" he said nd caressed my hands tenderly. I looked at him nd he lowered his head before claiming my mouth in his. 'Seriously, If I dnt stop him nw, I'm gonna go to d extent of...' "Ahh!" I felt his hands rub my bath underneath d cloth I wore. He pulled me up to sit on his leg before resuming d kiss again. "Jamal, I swear u re driving me crazy" he said in an husky voice that seem difficult to be heard. "Mick..." I broke d kiss. "Yea? You dnt want to?" "No listen, I want u....to make love to me, pls" I said nd he stared at me expressionlessly. "You dnt have to do if you aren't ready also. I'd just walk out quietly" I added. "What crazy thing to say when you know how much I want u. Come here" he held my hand nd led ne to d other room. He bolted d door nd came back to kissing me. He raised d sweater a bit nd caressed my back. "Oh..." I shivered as he keeps touching me. I was blinded with pleasure nd passion as he pulled d clothing over my head. I thank God that he didn't switch d light on but his eyes alone are enough light to look into my heart. He stared at my bared breasts before sucking. 'I think my knees are gonna betray me if I dnt lay down or such' I said to myself as I closed my eyes enjoying d moment. As if he read my thought, he guided me to d bed nd laid me down, pulled his top away nd climbed on top of me. He adjusts d hair obstructing my eyes nd kissed me again. "Jamal, why? You're trembling nd crying. Do u want me to stop?" He asked suddenly. "No, I dnt want u to stop" I replied shaking my head. "Then, what's wrong?" He scrutinizes me. "I...I'm..I ache" I stuttered. "Where?" "My head, breasts, between my legs, everywhere" "Gosh..." He murmured nd captured my mouth again. I felt his hands work their way to my trouser nd he pulled it off gently. "You're so beautiful" he said before gathering my cheeks in his hand. Jamal, are u sure abt this?" "*chuckles* I'm responsible for my actions. So, if I'm not, I won't be here responding to u eagerly" "Great!" He said nd got off me. I watched him pulled d last barrier he had on nd I looked at him fully unclad. 'God! I can die to be in ur arms till eternity' I said to myself. He climbed on top of me gain nd parts my legs slightly nd kissed me again. I felt a finger in me, then two nd three. He keeps finger teasing me while mulching on my lips. "Jamal, this is d last time I'd be telling u this. I'm gonna do this without regret nd I want that same goes to u, okay?" "Okay. I'm not feeling guilty or remorse over this" I replied. "Good! I'm going in now, okay?" "Hmm" I murmured nd grabbed his shoulders with my heart beating fast. "Hey, its not gonna be painful" he teased. "I never said so" I lied. "But u grabbing me as if you're a first timer" "Shh, just go in already nd enough of all these"I snapped nd closed my eyes again. Thi time, he slid in with a kinda force as pain nd passion flood through me. "Ahh...!" I screamed. "Shit! I thought u said you aren't a virgin!" He said nd I opened my eyes to look at him. "Are u mad at me? For been a virgin?" "No but I'd have handled u with more care" "I thought you'd back off if I told u nd beside, you treated me more than a gentle man would. I appreciate nd I dnt regret giving it to u" "Oh? Jamal, I hope I didn't hurt u" he said looking scared. Without replying him, I lifted my hips to take him in again. He slid in agin but not as forceful as earlier. He gentled his pace at first but increased it after some minutes. I felt something tickled down my legs nd I knew I'm no longer an innocent lady. He stopped staring into my watery eyes. "Thank u, Jamal nd I won't stop loving u" "I love u too, Mick" I replied for d first tym. He dragged me along with him into d shower nd after another round, he changed d sheets nd slept cuddling me like a day old baby. Guess I'm a day old baby though....... halter neck wedding bridal outfits
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