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Knowledge 47.36
Can that energy be converted into something positive? Knowledge is a beautiful thing. It makes us smarter and wiser with time. This message is directed to you my younger brother Paul. Our difference in height may make people think you are the oldest, however this should not distract us from the topic at hand. My writing and my daily doing comes with a lot of pressure. I learnt that my feet hurt from time to time. I have other burdens but I will not bore you with that. I feel everything centres on energy. This is similar to the process of recycling. Mind you I know very little about the bliss and complexities of recycling. I learnt that the end product is good. Old things go into some kind of machine and a new one comes out from the other end. My present expression is now sounding like the process of excretion so I hope you can forgive for such imagery. long red formal dresses
This paragraphs provides an opportunity to elaborate on the point I made I was making in the previous paragraph. Energy is everywhere. The subject of energy links to other things in life. I am using energy to write this present message to you. I know that I took no part in making of the diet coke I drank and the bread I ate. Yes I paid for it but I feel the need to be more charitable. This is one of many reasons I am writing this message to you Paul. I hope my writing does not make for a long read. It was not my aim to place more burden of knowledge on you. I thought there was an end in sight for knowledge. The more I learnt, the more I needed to know.
I would like to dedicate this expression to my younger brother Paul. I would also like to dedicate this information to my little brother George, my lovely mum Helen, my lovely wife Angelina Software Lily and all six of my kids.