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I once heard through the moccasin telegraph the other day that a friend had told someone "I am too sensitive."

Well the truth of the matter is.. yes I am, in fact, a sensitive guy. It's all in part to where I came from. I've learned to stay in touch with my emotions and express them if need be, which is a character quality a majority of men lack. Of course it's no fault of their own. It's society's expectations that have been placed on them. Many choose to put on a tough fro ... nt and express themselves in the stereotypical "manly" ways, I.e. Through acting tough, anger, denying the reality of difficult situations, pretending their feelings don't exist or turning to drugs, alcohol or other harmful sources of temporary relief.

Unfortunately in the end, these men only learn the hard way that "trying to be tough" only creates depression, more pressure on their immune system, raises their stress levels, robs them of their overall happiness and increases their risk for heart disease or stroke.

So for this reason, I have no qualms with admitting I am sensitive. Being sensitive has given me the gift of being more empathetic toward others. It allows me to experience more compassion for those who are less fortunate or vulnerable. Because I'm in touch with this part of who I am, it gives me the fuel needed to stick up for the underdog and advocate and fight for specific causes. Yes, when challenged on something I am passionate about or strongly believe in, I become fierce, protective, I stand my ground and remain firm. Period. If someone crosses a line I've drawn, I present an opportunity for them to change their actions. If they do it again, I speak my mind and do what's necessary to prevent it from happening again. mother of the bride dresses for beach wedding

Unfortunately there is a downside to being sensitive. I admit being a big softy can sometimes interfere with my ability to make logical decisions. If I allow my emotions to cloud my judgement, it can lead to making mistakes. With that being said, if I make a mistake then that sensitive part of me isn't afraid to eat crow, admit my wrongs, apologize or make amends where needed.

Besides, the only one who has the power to say how I should be is my Creator... and I know my Creator is quite proud of the sensitive, caring, guy I have become. So yes, I am sensitive, I'll admit it., but it doesn't take away from the warrior I am. It only adds good quality to my character. Why? Because it makes real. Because it makes me a man. For that I am proud.

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