royal blue dress for wedding

The "typical" societal woman -

Babies -

Since birth most women are raised to be weak victims.

They are raised as children as princesses who have things done for them. They cry and mommy and daddy give them things (daddies little girl) They are adorned in bright shiny cute clothes and princess dresses so the world knows they are above them.

As children they are given miniature households to take care of, including little plastic babies to feed and raise.

Teenage years -

As women get older it progressively gets worse as the world follows the princess victim mentality. When boys learn about penises and vaginas they become addicted.

But a women is never taught to have ANY abilities that are commendable to earn and gain a lover. As when they are children they are taught to be provided for. So as new teens they sit back with no real communicative abilities, while men jump through hoops and fight like barbarians to get in the girls vagina. That girl has no idea about true connection. She will just sit back and pick through the waves and waves of males that compete for her attention. royal blue dress for wedding

She will go to parties in short dresses while the peasants (Men) come by bearing gifts. MAYBE, just maybe one or a few males might make an impact big enough to date, or get some sexy time.


Here is where the stereotypical female becomes the most damaging in general.

She still never learned the traits to really connect with the male sex. All she knows is she has to build nothing. Learn nothing. Never be accountable. Well, why would she have to be accountable when she's a princess?

What she does know and has been trained on is how to line up the animals in pens and choose. Once the male has been reeled in by food, maybe some sexuality. She can rest.

He does the hard labor. Pays the bills. She will do what princesses do.

Go on doggy dates. Drink Starbucks. Tan. Drink. Get a perception addiction. Take photos. Vacations. Shop at her local Target store...

But here is the thing.

She's a princess so nothing is ever really enough to make her happy.

So she picks fights. Claims the man does nothing. Complains that he works too much even though that's how they survive. Not to mention sex is usually used as a sales pitch, not really something long term. She stopped satisfying him after she got what she wanted. She complain when he does male activities while claiming he needs to more of what she wants etc etc. Rest? Ya right, he has no rest.

A castle.

And a few babies.

At this point of her life its sit on the thrown and point your fingers.

They may get divorced. Or he may stay because he is so tired and had nowhere else to go.....

PLUS the court systems also back the princess.... If he goes against her.... He will lose EVERYTHING... Including his children.

- Trev