sexy wedding dresses

This goes for all the beautiful mammies out there! Don’t be ashamed to feel sexy, don’t feel bad for wanting to wake up everyday and love yourself or even showing a little skin....this is for the mother shamers out ther that put us as mothers down because we aren’t “allowed” to show cleavage or to even dress how we’d’d like to know what I think screw yall!! Be confident about yourself ladies love yourself and don’t give a damn who tells you how to live your life because every day that you wake up and make your little one food or even set up the insurance set up the appointments set up a meal plan for dinner it’s so hard to be a mother when your constantly working everyday to be a better person so more Power to all the independent mommies out here tryna slay but also put bread on the y’all rock on ladies love yourself sexy wedding dresses # fuckwhattheysay # confidence # supermom # singleeee