short length prom and formal collections

Y'all need to start reading my posts on health issues. 87% of everyone in america have parasites-worms. Causing, weight gain, bloating, increase or loss of appetite. Constipation or diarhea. Sluggish feeling, nausea, vomiting, thick mucus and runny nose and gas with moderate to severe cramps. Flu-like symptoms that do not go away. If you see a doctor, they will probably give you an antibiotic and send you home. Then your problems return. Other symptoms are itching on your skin, rectal area, eyes, nasal passages, mouth and on the head. They exit those areas to lay eggs. You may have had them up to 50 years without knowing it, while infecting everyone around you. It takes an early morning stool to find some. Others take a blood sample. short length prom and formal collections