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S2 E15
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Avery: "mom" I looked up his eyes were red I don't even know how my eyes were I had Bern crying for hours even my throat was hurting.

It was already early morning the following day I was still in my wedding dress it was covered in blood I had dad's coat over my body.

I just cried even more he pulled me up and held I sobbed loudly in his arms my voice was barely coming out now I had been crying all night

Avery: "it's okay mom dad is going to be okay" we were in the waiting room Nzuzo was still in surgery they had removed the bullets now reign was donating a kidney to him

Justin: "his going to be fine" the waiting room was filled with our family, I moved from Avery's arms went back to dad's lap he snaked his arms around me
Dad: "I think you should go home now" he was brushing my head

Bab'ncane: "your father is right. Go home and rest you haven't seen the kids I'm sure they worried they need to know that things are okay and they need to hear that from you" I shook my head

Me: "I'm not going anywhere without seeing him first" no one said anything after that we just remained in silence again, it was just sniffs all around from the women.

A little while later Sandile got in with muffins and coffee I didn't eat I couldn't. A little while later the door opened and the doctor walked in looking exhausted we all stood up

Me: "how's my husband?"
Doc: "Mrs khumalo, Dr khumalo suffered cardiac arrest on the table his heart c.."
Me: "just cut to it is he still alive or not?!"

Dad: "angel let the doctor finish" I shot him a dead stare

Doc: "we had to close him up without finishing the surgery"
Mam'ncane: "I don't understand"
Doc: "we've put him in induce coma, we will wake him up later and continue when his body has received enough rest"
Me: "when will that be"

Doc: "in 24 hours"
Me: "can I see him"
Mam'ncane: "what about my other son?"

Doc: "you can see Dr khumalo but he needs the rest so just you and please don't stay. Yes ma'am his up and his in recovery he also needs to rest but you can see him" he called over a nurse to take me to nzuzo I just cried silently when I saw all those machines connected to him

Me: "baby" I touched his face "don't do this to me mntungwa we just got married you have to fight this and come back to me and the kids you just have to"

I kissed his lips they were so dry and cold "I love you, I love you with all that I am and more. I'll stay right here I'm not going anywhere I'll stay here next to you holding your hand." I put my face on his stomach and cried silently. After sometime dad got in

Dad: "time to go home"
Me: "I'm not leaving him"
Dad: "you still wearing your wedding dress and it covered in blood, you haven't checked on the kids"

Me: "I can't daddy"
Dad: "his operation is in 24 hours you will just rest for a few hours get some food then come back Nathan misses you, Cleo called she said he didn't sleep last night his been crying" I sighed Nathan was too attached to me he didn't like anyone but me

Me: "I'll be back in a few hours babe I love you" I kissed his dry lips again then stood up, dad put his arms around me we went home. As soon as the car parked the door opened and my kids rushed out Liam opened my door I got out we all got in a group hug they were all crying which made me cry

Me: "it's okay his okay"
Hope: "I want daddy mom" we pulled apart
Me: "daddy is in the hospital his okay though his just hurt and he will be in the hospital for a little while then his going to come back to us"

Thando: "we want to see him"
Me: "and you will just not now, okay?"
Liam: "why not?! Avery got to go we also want to see him"
Dad: "watch yourself Liam" he just shot dad an evil look
Liam: "I want to see my father and you can't stop me from it you can't"

Me: "Liam please not now"
Liam: "I just want to see him mom please please" he cried out I just sat on the pavement and cried

Dad: "okay go in give your mom space" they walked away dad knelt next to me "I'm gonna lift you up angel, do you want to walk on your own or you want me to carry you to your room?"
Me: "I'll walk"

Dad: "I'd love to carry my daughter" he smiled weakly I nodded he lifted me up like a baby "you so tiny, you will all be my little girl Lani no matter what okay"

Me: "I know" I snuggled closer to him he walked in the house "put me down I want to take him" mom was carrying Nathan
Mom: "go bath and eat first"

Dad: "for once I agree with your mother" dad hated mom still he was just civil towards her but strangely enough mom was still in love with him. He put me down when we got in my room
Me: "thank you"

Dad: "go bath I'll bring up your food and your son"
Me: "okay" he walked out I went to take a shower I just sat down and let the water hit me hard while crying I got out when the water was getting cold I lotioned got in my pjs when I got out the closet my food was on the table I ate then took the dishes downstairs I went around looking for Nathan I found him in his nursery I took him he was asleep we went to my room got in bed I fell asleep immediately.. wedding dresses for girls

When I woke up it was dark Nathan wasn't next to me I went to the bathroom took a quick shower I got out put on jeans a sweater and all starts then went out found everyone having dinner in the dinning room

Dad: "sit and eat, we will go after dinner. I called his okay still the same they will operate in the morning"
Me: "I need to go check on him"

Dad: "sit down Lani" he had his pissed off voice I looked at Justin he also looked angry. I just sat down Claire gave me a faint smile as mom was dishing up for me I took my plate
Me: "thank you" we all finished dinner in silence the kids were eating in the kitchen

Dad: "did you know your sister was dating Sne?" Masisi cleared his throat and tried standing up but dad banged his fists on the table she sat back down "I am not shitting I'm talking"

Masisi: "it wasn't anything serious dad"
Dad: "you left your husband Lani you divorced him for this idiot then left him went back to marry your husband again this idiot decided to kill him" everyone shuffled in their sit wanting to stand up "sit down!"

Claire: "dad you gonna scare the kids"
Dad: "is this what you've become Lani jumping from one man to another? Is this what you teaching my granddaughters?" mom stood up so did Claire and masisi, they went to the kitchen then went towards the theater.

I was numb I could see everything happening but my brain wasn't processing it all. After awhile I shook my head
Me: "I don't understand" dad, Ray and Justin were staring at me. Dad stood up and went out I stood up as well
Ray: "let him be Lani his going to smoke" dad only smokes when stressed

Me: "Justin"
Justin: "lusanda hired people to kill Nzuzo"
Me: "how?" I didn't want to believe it Lusanda is not cruel "he wouldn't"
Justin: "he did! And if it wasn't for Ray Nzuzo would be dead right now he sent his goons to finish the business"
Me: "what you mean"

Ray: "they tried to kill Nzuzo again today I walked in as they were putting an injection in his IV"

Me: "why would Lusanda want to kill Nzuzo"

Justin: "I'd say ask him but fortunately his dead" he stood up and walked away.

Now this is the part I feared and hated about my brothers and my dad, the part I had seen when Bradley abducted me the part that gets so angry killing someone is something they not scared of.

Me: "he killed Lusanda?" I whispered

Ray: "I did one bullet between his eyes another in his heart" I swallowed a lump that was growing in my throat I started shaking Ray didn't even look remorseful he stood up

Me: "Ray" he rolled his eyes

Ray: "if he wanted Nzuzo dead he shouldn't have shot him while he was surrounded by my family he disrespected us in ways you could never understand"

he walked away I sat on the table by myself I let out a gut wrenching cry this was all my fault Nzuzo was fighting for his life and lusanda was dead it was all my fault I felt arms snaking around me I looked up and it was mom..

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