womens wedding guest dresses

? [What should you wear if you are in pear-like texture?]
If your body is full and you want to reduce attention to your lower half, focus on the higher part of your body. The basic rule is not to wear clothing that draws attention to your hips and thighs, such as pants or tight skirts made of Calcarea fabrics.

You can always wear a one-size skirt from waist to knee, not showing the bends resulting from the expansion of your hips, while moving away from the wide and loose clothing that will give your buttocks larger.
It is also recommended that you add some light and strong colors to the upper part of your clothes while maintaining the selection of dark and neutral colors of the lower part of your body such as: black, brown and dark green, and you can look bright that these colors can be in line with anything you wear, Think about how to coordinate your clothes, preferably on the right size for your buttocks and expand towards your feet. womens wedding guest dresses
As for the story of your clothes around the neck, choose the shape of the box that will give your shoulders and your chest a larger size to achieve harmony with the rest of your body. You can choose your wedding dress without a neck, giving your shoulders more space to emerge, or choosing the upper part of your clothes with many details and embellishments.
You can also balance between the lower and upper parts of your body. Wear additional layers at the chest and shoulders, such as adding a matching shawl or jacket, or adding a huge accessory to the size and detail of a large necklace or earrings. The final touch of your appearance will be the high heel that will give you extra length, And a good command.